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Get hired quickly and move up

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Job Seekers

Get hired quickly and move up

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Peer ratings make you stand out

Employers believe what others say about your strengths. Get coveted jobs, and get hired on the spot.

Move up

Build ratings from job to job. Move up using transferable skills and get matched to jobs where you will thrive.

Don’t worry – no one is perfect

No one gets all 5 stars. Employers want to know your strengths. Ratings are of your skills, not of you as a person.

Confidential and private

Ratings are only shown to employers when you are matched to a job. Peers cannot see your ratings from others.

How it works
Apply to a new job or discover job suggestions.
Ask your peers to rate your skills. Teamanics sends them rating requests.
Teamanics matches your skills to jobs and arranges interviews.
Accept the job of your choice and keep growing your career with Teamanics.
Employers from 29 States are Loving Us
Employers from 10 states are hiring. Find a job where you will thrive.
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