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Scales referral-based hiring with peer ratings
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Hire From a Peer-Rated Network

Scales referral-based hiring with peer ratings
Solves labor shortages with overlapping skills
across industries

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Say Goodbye to Expensive Staffing Agencies & Job Boards

Teamanics is a start to finish hiring platform that matches top, peer rated candidates to your jobs.

Make Great Hires Effortlessly

Peer ratings and Smart Resumes™ provide credible insights on skills and experiences, unlike traditional resumes.

How it Works
Open or reopen a job.
Teamanics matches existing, peer rated candidates and seeks new ones.
Teamanics arranges
in-person or virtual interviews with candidates you select.
Hire the candidate of your choice with a 30 day free replacement guarantee!*

*Teamanics’ 30 day replacement guarantee waives any fees for a replacement hire or refunds the fees at the employer's discretion. Employers remain responsible for all wages, benefits, taxes, or other statutory obligations.

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